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Loved by customer:
"GrandArea was very knowledgeable, great communication skills. Able to quickly assess problems and provide solutions. Great services with great techs."
-national construction firm

"Engineer was prompt, professional and has been able to accomplish whatever it is we request in a very timely manner, he was very pleasant to do business with. I love this services."
-national financial services company

About Us

What do GrandArea.com do?
Its simple: We provides a wide-range of Internet and Computer consulting services, including installation of software & hardware, programming, networking, Internet publicity and promotion, link building, web site conception and database development, web site log analysis and general Internet training. We create compelling websites that deliver the digital solutions our clients demand.

How do GrandArea.com get revenue?
Our company get revenue from our services such as: programming, networking, web design, software & hardware, troubleshooting ... Almost any type of service that relate to computer. If you purchase our services you will got a lot more what you just paid.

Feedback for us!
Despite our expertise and savvy, we cannot be everywhere! We want our you to get value from our service, so we appreciate your feedback. Give us feedback on anything you think we may have missed. Or even critique our site design! Such is the strength of the Internet: it helps bring together people with diverse strengths and interests.

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Feel free to link to our site, but please contact us and tell us which page your are linking to and what site you're linking from. We appreciate reciprocal links.

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